I can play the guitar.
You can carry them.
He can go out.
She can learn it.
It can be difficult.
We can win the match.
You can work for us.
They can buy the house.
I can't speak German.
You can't smoke here.
He can't go out.
She can't play the guitar.
It can't be easy. .
We can't win the match.
You can't work for them.
They can't buy the house.
Can I play the guitar?
Can you carry them?
Can he go out?
Can she learn it?
Can it be difficult?
Can we win the match?
Can you work for us?
Can they buy the house?
Can't I meet them?
Can't you open the window?
Can't he bring the photos?
Can't she speak German?
Can't it be easy?
Can't we win the match?
Can't you work for us?
Can't they buy the house?

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Arkadaşların Burada !